Potential for improved efficiency engraving

Hi Developers! I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I have suggestion to possibly speed up engraving time at least. I am watching the laser head pass over the material without engraving often. For example, the design is a circle with a large, empty, hole in the middle. When the GF cuts it is cutting side-to-side over the design, so the empty space in the middle of design is being passed over often, extending the time to finish, even though no engraving is being done. Is it possible for the laser head to travel closer to the engraved area along the circle, where the design is being engraved most of the time, instead of how it currently traverses the area of the design that is n to being engraved? Thank you for all of the great advancements you all have developed since the beginning of Glowforge!

Yes it can be done, if you cut the circle into closed sections, (and give them different fill colors?). As long as it’s one compound shape though, it’s going to start at the bottom and work it’s way up.


Thanks @Jules - excellent suggestion.

If your design is as simple as a circle, you could also consider using a stroke instead of an engrave, if that would provide the result you want.

@tem, I’ll share your idea with the team!

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