Pottstown, PA here...The eagle has landed


Indeed, my Glowforge has arrived!

No pics yet. This was a matter of, it’s here, my wife’s here. Let’s load it into the minivan so she can get into car line and I can get back to work.

So… This message is mostly just a placeholder for later today. :wink:

So here’s what I can say so far:

  1. The tape job on the box didn’t appear to be very good. I honestly fear the bottom will give way when we carry it from the car into the house. It probably won’t, but it looks like it’s possible.
  2. The box has push in handles on the sides. Made it super easy to carry and load into the car.
  3. Apparently nobody respects the international symbol for “THIS END UP” that were on every face of the box. It was long edge down when it arrived.
  4. In case it hasn’t been made clear enough, this requires 2 people to lift.

More to come later today! (Maybe not very exciting for all at this point… Expect a Founder’s Ruler and a couple of hand-drawn items from my kids.)



Were there any shock sensors on the box like with the prerelease units?


Double Woot! (Yeah, they do toss those puppies around.) :smile:


I’m so happy for you!!!

Is it possible for you to tll me how big the boxes are? I’m planning to bring the Glowforge back to Canada from the US and I’m wondering if it will fit in my car?


I quickly looked and didn’t see any. But my focus at the time was getting it loaded into the car. Really didn’t look all that closely.

Seems so! The box condition did not impress me. But I know it’s snug as a bug inside there so I’m not at all concerned.[quote=“SunnyStarbucks, post:4, topic:8483”]
I’m so happy for you!!!
Is it possible for you to tll me how big the boxes are?
Thanks! Actually, somebody posted the box size just the other day… I’ll see if I can find that for you.


Awesome can’t wait to see what your kids made.


I must have missed that. Thank you so much! I so appreciate that! :squeee:


46" x 29" x 16" and it weighs 70 lbs.


Thanks! I was in mid-search. :slight_smile:


i just happened to have it on my phone for when i go talk to ups store about having mine shipped there.


Congratulations on getting the Glowforge! I can’t wait to see you put that thing to good use! Make us proud!:grin:


It weighs almost as much as me…

@jordanloshinsky (Are you sure you want to be my partner in crime?) hahaha


Hmmmm…to be safe, I would “stretcher” it from the car to the house…


It gave way on my PRU. :scream:


Well if I had 1300$ plus to blow and could take a few days off, and didn’t piss the wife off, and didn’t have mine coming soon enough I’m sure, and so forth, I would :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy! And remember when in doubt and in a bind, just flirt with the boarder guards


Bahahah! and take my wedding ring off. LOL

Assuming it’s a male CBSA personnel… or female

J/K - I will most likely be taking Captain Awesome.

Nothing to see here officer!


REALLY?! Okay. Then I guess I’m not off my rocker thinking that. I’ll take extra precaution then. (I’ll keep a child under the box to cushion the Glowforge’s fall.)



OOOH BABY!! Awesome


So Awesome! :smile:

Use your biggest kid, that way it won’t fall as far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: