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Hi. Just got my Aura. How to power off it?



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Sorry perfect opportunity to use this meme :slight_smile:

There’s no power switch on the aura, it goes into a low power idle state after a little while.

You can unplug it or get an outlet switch if you want to fully power it down.

Something like this:

BindmMaster 3 Prong Grounded Single Port Power Adapter with Red Light Indicator On/Off Switch to be Energy Saving, Black (1 Pack)… https://a.co/d/7JuSjvr

Or if you’re feeling fancy and want to turn of several outlets for different thing, something like this:

DEWENWILS Wireless Remote Control Outlet, Programmable and Expandable Electrical Outlet Switch, 100FT Range, 125V/15A/1875W Wireless Remote Light Switch, FCC Listed, 2 Remote and 5 Outlets https://a.co/d/1oEqY7D

Or if you want simple but also don’t want to reach around to the outlet:

Philips Accessories Grounded Plug with Braided Cord, 6 Ft Long Power Cable, ON/Off Switch, for Tabletop or Wall Mount, Perfect for Lamps/Seasonal Lights, 3 Prong,Slip Resistant Base,SPS1611WA/37,White https://a.co/d/3goSji2

Not that it matters too much but if you’re thinking “huh that seems silly, it should have a switch”. Yeah, same here. Sorry, it’s the best I got for you.


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:100: to more memes. MOAR always. Also welcome @tpsaukko ! Glad that you have an Aura!


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