Power Outage Fried My Glowforge

We just had a power outage that lasted about 5 seconds. Within 20 minutes I went to run a job on the Glowforge and the app stated that the lid was open, even though it was closed.

I specifically followed Glowforge instruction on these forums by not installing a surge protector inline and now I’m thinking that was a terrible mistake.

I did my research here on the forums and made sure all cables were seated, everything was clean, there were no obstructions or debris inside, removed the tray, cleaned all magnetic contacts, saw that the front door was seating properly, as well as the lid, etc. Everything checks out but the lid is still registering as open. When you power the unit on, the lights will dim after a moment because it thinks the lid is open, so there is no scanning or homing going on, it just sits and does nothing.

Might not have fried anything. A bad wifi connection between the GF and your wifi router could give the same symptoms.


You had me excited for a moment. I ran through the wifi setup and reconnected to the network. Still says, “Lid Open.” Thank you for your input though.

The machine is a computer with some motion control built-in. If a power outage caused an issue, it would “break” the computer, not a simple magnetic sensor.

The lid open error is usually caused by a bad lid cable, or poor connections to that cable. It’s been known to happen on newer machines as well as older ones.

Support will ask for you to take clear pics of each of the connections for that cable, and ensure all of the associated clips are in-place.

Thanks for the heads up.
Pics Attached…

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.