Power requirements for Glowforge?



Do we have the power requirements for the Glowforge (Voltage/Amps). Want to put a dedicated outlet in for it in the shop and need to plan. I’m getting the Pro, but if we have the numbers for the others that would be great.


I think if you have a 15 amp, 120 volt circuit you would be good.


Peak power for the Glowforge is 800W and the peak power for the filter is 600W. There was a good discussion about this awhile back (I think it was in this thread). 15amps should be fine, but I would put in 20amps just to be safe.


It will run at 700 watts during peak usage.

With a standard US 120v outlet that would be a little under 6 amps.

Shouldn’t have a problem running it on any outlet.

Here is a response stating such just a few days ago and backed up by @Dan