Pre-order Billing problem

Had a problem last week, where the pre-order sent a flag to my credit card company as fraud (After finding out what the CC company saw, I think your form was mis-sending my CC info). They placed a hold, and stopped payment. After calling them and straightening it out I placed another order that went through, but then Paypal decide to try again and sent a second payment through.

I have two GlowForges on pre-order, and need some help getting the first botched Paypal order refunded/canceled, before it comes due on my CC.

I know things are crazy right now with the launch, but with no order numbers, or organized ordering system, my email bouncing as spam, and warnings that email is piling up; just wanted to post this somewhere to get in the queue before time gets tight in a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to this.

Oh no! Do send a note to We’re getting dug out from behind the mess, and that’s the best place to get 1:1 attention on a finance issue.