Pre-Production selection

Hey @dan

I know you are ramping up units slowly to maintain quality. May we have a rough and low estimate of how many pre-production units you hope to ship to users and how many you hope to ship to maker spaces, schools, and such.

I’m truly wondering how many lucky forum members will be posting the things made on a Glowforge. I’m super excited.


I second this, to whatever degree you know and can say it would be a help.


Even if you don’t know now, I’d love to see in 2 weeks "we are shipping [estimate] pre-release forges to buyers, and we are shipping [estimate] glowforges to testing labs."
It’s the kind of update that might not be too much information?
Maybe it would be bad for some reason that I don’t see.

But I would love to have that kind of knowledge. For no real reason, except that it would make me happy.


Today’s Q&A Dan said only 4 units a day are produced. In the last week we saw proof of 2 units on YouTube. Simple math would say that in a week 20 units are created while observation would indication only 2 are functional.

This “math” is, of course, based on a 5 day work week and the only two units known to exist (outside of GF basement).

And how many we saw in the GF offices, both functioning and not. Go :glowforge: - Rich

Not all GlowForge units are going to customers.

Dan has said that they are putting huge emphasis on testing. Of the 4 daily or 20 weekly [speculation] I expect fewer than half are going for to customers whether prerelease or production. I suspect that more than 2 are functioning from a weekly production tally.

In a month we can hope that the test labs are flummoxed on how to break one.

Then, if all goes well, we might see an uptick in rate of wild GlowForge sightings.

Of course I have no source for my speculation; but it seems reasonable.


Thanks for the question! I’ll give some thought to it as we sort out how we can improve communication going forward. There are a lot of places machines go, including:

  • Defective machines
  • Machines replacing older defective machines
  • Machines that go to testing
  • Machines that get worked on in our office
  • Machines that go to non-public beta users

Thanks for the answer Dan.

I truly appreciate it.

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