Pre Release: Beer/Cider 4 Pack



It all started with the introduction of the extended cab pickup… instead of making the truck longer, they kept the same chassis then stole that usable space from the bed to add passenger room.

They sunk the knife in deep when they reintroduced flare sides.


Got that right

Don’t mind dropping the gate, but if you can’t lay a 4’ wide sheet flat that would irritate me.


My criteria now is that my car fit 12x20"… :grin:


HAHA!! As of right now, I dont even have a car, and nothing fits on a bicycle. LOL. When I get the custom car done, it will fit a 12"x20" easily, as long as I dont have a passenger…and honestly the cabin is about the size of a Robinson R22 so even the driver and passenger barely fit. LOL!


I doubt that’s :proofgrade: at the top…


A final version came out and was delivered today for the 22.5oz bottles. (you can see a sleeping alpaca behind it)


Your wording makes me wonder if this was a barter situation. It was delivered today, (in trade) for the 22oz bottles.


Well remember the bottle came full so I could size it correctly… It is now empty on return for recycling…


I should mention I got the way, way better high tack masking paper. Now interestingly while it stuck beautifully (note the total lack of smoke staining) it actually was strong enough to pull some fibers off the surface (leaving it slightly rough). I had sanded with 220 to get it smooth enough to get really good stick.


Ya I wondered about that. I was asking the other day about masking and now have my answer. Was your last stuff med tack or low tack?


I think medium, it’s the Laserbits masking paper.


When you peeled the masking, did you try pulling it back basically 180 degrees over itself? Peeling at that sharp angle can help “break” the tack free on smaller areas.

Also most of these transfer tapes for sign making will release if they are wetted out. Could use water or sign making application fluid, but alcohol might work better for not swelling the wood.


I’d like to try your caddy designs, please and thanks you!



Hah! I was going to guess the farm was in Sherborn (I live next door in Medfield) before I even got down to the picture of the 4-pack holder. Make sure you put the handle high enough up so that your knuckles don’t get scraped on the bottle caps!

Edit: if I had been paying attention, I would have noticed that the original post was a year old!


Yep, unity farm on unity lane in Sherborn “center”


22oz (11.2 KB)

16oz (12.1 KB)

These assume 1/8" BB Ply


CDR and SVG versions.

Setup for 12x12 material so it’s 4 separate files. The difference between v1 & v2 of the 1st page is where the Makerspace logo shows up - above or below the bottom piece.

I made this for a local brewpub behind our Makerspace. :slight_smile:

3mm acrylic although BB works too.

BrewPub 6-Pack (4.3 MB)


Thanks @jamesdhatch for the share. You and @henryhbk rock!!