Pre Release: Beer/Cider 4 Pack



A friend/colleague (he is our hospital CIO) owns a farm/animal sanctuary and he brews beer, mead and cider (he got the farm craft brewery license a couple years back) from their farm apples and bees. The farm also happens to conveniently be at the mid point of my shorter 32mi bike route, so is our water refill point, so was out there yesterday with my niece on a ride. (they have alpacas, goats, pigs, apple orchard, blue berry fields, bees, a shiitake farm, chickens, horses, geese, etc). They also have a 15 acre animal sanctuary (the pigs below were rescues from a dorm?!)

We had talked about lasering something, and figured a 4-pack for the beer/cider (a 4-pack of mead is a lot of mead given its ABV). The bottles are 22oz.

So Into OnShape based on specs of the bottles he uses, I placed the bottom slightly raised so the maximum force would be tabbed rather than relying on glue, and placed holes under each bottle in case of leak/condensation to prevent moisture from building up. The design is totally parametric with variables pretty much driving everything.

Just clicked on all the parts for the Laser Joint in automode and it looked very nice when done. I realized I needed to split the small middle divider to make this easier to assemble. Put on the Auto Layout featurescript which flat-packs the parts, and simply exported each face as a DXF into AI.

I used the amazon bulk 1/8" baltic birch ply, as no way to feasibly make these in bulk with ProofGrade. One advantage of this ply is it is exactly 1/8" so the math works perfectly in OnShape. Cut at 100/27 and engraved at 5/335. Added the logo in AI.

I was hoping to zip over there to try it today, but he is off picking up 250,000 bees (I mean who hasn’t used that excuse) and so will try it out wednesday… (I guess I can glue it up by that point)

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Very nice as always. While I love the Proofgrade I agree that it is not feasible for every project.
Do you have a URL for this material?


Oh, very nice! This kind of thing will be so handy on gift giving occasions.


Also comes in 40pk




Kewwwwwwl! :relaxed::+1:


Great project! So, if your shorter 32 mile bike route leads here, where does your longer 32 mile bike route lead?


haha. My longer usual route is 50mi (and neatly a different colleague lives at the precise 25mi mark)…


Thanks for the link…I’ve been buying from woodworkers source and for that price I was getting only 10 sheets of BB/BB grade. This wood from Woodpeckers is better and you get 2 extra sheets :smiley:

Nice bottle holder btw…
Did you not use a paper mask? I see the smoke/burnt resin stains…


Definitely worth looking into. I get the 40 pack myself. Also the 12x24" means you’ll need to cut down but with free shipping it’s a great deal. I got to be a lot less finicky about squeezing out the last little bit of material :grinning:


I did use the Laserbits masking on the back, but on the front it kept peeling off the rough surface. It prevented the majority of the flashback but on top it peeled up once and I had to abort the job as it really got in the way… (like curled up and was rolling around)


Lots of stuff comes 12x24 I just cut it off and set it aside for small jobs. Remember, nothing is throwaway scrap until it’s too small for you to imagine something out of it. For me that is around 2 inches square.


I actually cut them down so that the “scrap” part was the size of the side panels, so it worked out well…


Those 4" offcuts are destined for drawer dividers one day. (Got a rather large stack of them.)


Right I’m learning that 4 inches off is not always optimal just depends on what you are doing. For this reason I’ve quit cutting 12x24 down in bulk. I keep a few cut to 20 and leave the rest full size until needed.


Nice yet simple design that would still mean a lot to the recipient ! Well done (watch out for those college pigs though !!) :pig2:


Ah…I tend to sand my sheets with a quick swipe of 200 grit sandpaper then apply the mask using a squeegee I use for applying my vinyl. Sticks better that way…:smiley: I do this when I get them in so they are ready to go when needed.


I did try the 220 grit, but it didn’t seem to help. I haven’t been super impressed at the sticking of this masking material.


Me either. I got some from Sign Warehouse that just lies there like…okay never mind.

I need to dig out that brayer from wherever it got stashed during the pre-GF arrival purge.


Need a higher tack mask then…not sure what sign warehouse sells…