Pre-release | Celtic Knot 3d engrave


Had some leftover not too purple purple heart. Decided to see how a Celtic knot would come out:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017

:squeee::squeeee: Wow…thats fantastic!


Awesome - sauce! (And I have to quit thinking of that stupid commercial!)

Great job on it, as usual! :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:


SQUEEEEEE!!! Now this is relevant to my panned usage! :smiley: And this looks AMAZING!


WOW! How… depthy is that? I mean, is it a 3D engrave or is that depth all visual effect via shading? If the former, does it feel as awesome as it looks?!


Ha! It’s both. The darkness adds to the illusion.

As far as the feel, right now, not so great. It definitely has defined depth, but the way that the laser currently engraves is by a lot of tiny dots instead of smooth constant power passes, so it is really grainy and scratchy. Tons of little wooden spires make up the surface landscape, and if you run past a dark section you can break them off showing the lighter wood underneath, so I don’t touch my engravings.

I’m hoping this engraving method will change in the future to be smooth constant power instead of the dithering. Then maybe I can touch the engravings =P


Looks fantastic. All that really matters!

That’s disappointing to hear. I hope that’s an issue that Glowforge is working on. If not, maybe a thick clearcoat to protect it? Might ruin the “woody” look a little but, hey, could also possibly make it somehow cooler looking. Either way, it seems the surface would cause just about anybody to want to rub their fingers on it. At least the clearcoat would protect from that.


Im hoping for smooth grayscale engraves sometime in the future. In the meantime a clear coat of something would definitely help with that.


Love it…great shot,


oh thats just awesome.


variable power engraves have always been the loftiest goal


I sure hope so! I’ll be pretty disappointed if this isn’t implemented in the production units.


out of likes! :heart:
That turned out gorgeous!


We have a bunch of engraving improvements in the hopper, some of them targeted at making the final surface texture smoother.


Can’t wait to mess with those!