Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017

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Highlights for the Week Ending February 18, 2017

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Does the Glowforge have 100% accurate cut-through capabilities on Proofgrade?

Editor’s note: something got lost in translation; this heading doesn’t match the question I thought I was answering. Proofgrade material will cut through every time (or it’s a bug that we need to fix). My reply dealt with the question of “can you precisely engrave to a certain depth.” You can engrave a 1/8" slot much more precisely in, for example, acrylic than it will be in walnut hardwood.


Why is the laser tube mounted on the gantry?

Be a little careful about cutting exotic hardwoods.

How long will shipping to the UK take?

Is the 10% shipping discount going to be extended?

Pre-Release and Beta Pearls:

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Okay, Who Let Her In?

Motion Activated Bike Lights Prototype - Made on a Glowforge

Twin Dragons

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Girl with Gun (This is How it’s Done)

Fun in the Forum:

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Sanding a Perfect Bevel

Free Online Vector Software

Laser Engraving Comparison on Various Woods

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3rd time in Woot woot(not counting I swear…)! Thanks @Jules for keeping this up another week.


All this on top of having a GF too? Thank you


Don’t have my Glowforge yet but following the forum. Wonder if Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would work?


@Jules, have you checked it out?

This previous thread touched on these and it got some good responses.

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Yeah, I tried a little piece of one the other day. It tends to chew up the sponge pretty badly, which would be pricey if you had to do large areas.

I’ll do a few other tests later.

Yes. It’s got a microporous texture.

It’s good for cleaning sooty residue. You can also wet it so it makes less of a mess on your hands. :slightly_smiling_face:

Walmart sells a knockoff version for half the price of the Mr. Clean brand and they’re visibly and operationally identical as far as I can tell.

If you search for “melamine sponges” you can find them as cheap as $10 for a hundred sponges. I have 200 of them sitting in my garage and I will say that the Magic Erasers are better quality, but for the enormous price difference, I deal with it. (Around 3am I sometimes go into a weird Amazon buying spree; hence the 200 sponges. I tend to not remember everything I buy, but it makes for a nice surprise a few delivery a few days later. For some reason my hubby doesn’t find it as amusing as I do :stuck_out_tongue: )


Heh-heh! I do the same with the midnight buying jaunts and then can’t remember what the heck l ordered when huge boxes show up!

I bought a couple of large lots of the melamine sponges off EBay a few years ago, and I’ve got a lot left. But these DO crumble a lot worse than the sturdier Magic Erasers.


My wife gave me a perplexed look :unamused: when I opened a the somewhat medium to large box and handed her the package of 40 magic erasers :grin: