Pre-Release | Dab & Kicks

Supplies: 1/8" Proofgrade Cherry & Maple
Op Time: Kicks 1 hr 9 mins - Dab 19 mins 6 sec.

These are some simple engraving tests. So stuff has changed in that department for sure.

(Note: No cleanup. As-is and color filled)

Color fills are dollar store ‘Sharpies’

The power of software folks.


Looks nice and clean!

Is the big time difference due to scale?


Possibly. But remember this is a Pre-Release. I’ve run things that at one time then do the same thing later and that time changes (Same size & settings).

I have no idea if the performance I am seeing is a final build or a PSU specific build.

Honestly, I kinda don’t care. The fact that this very same unit has incrementally has shown improvements via firmware & motion planner updates is pretty damn cool and impressive.



Love the colors!



I agree with you here. I’m just trying to get a better idea of what makes for a longer print. Thanks!

I hear ya. But PRUs are not really a good benchmark for that. This is the main reason why I don’t post power/speed/LPI settings. I found this out the hard way with @rebecca & @takitus. Our units are very much WIP (in a good way).


Here’s a good example.

This was done 10hrs ('ish) before the two above (which were done <1 hr ago). Same material. Same power, speed & LPI. But slightly different result with a bonus artifact & alignment issue.

Stuff is getting improved. It’s truly fun to watch things unfold. Absolutely thankful for team Glowforge to allow us along for the ride.


I’m guessing it’s because the head is moving to the extent/bounds of the artwork while it’s engraving (ie: raster mode). So if you had two items to produce, both identical artwork, but say one was scaled up 100% (ie: twice the size) and both ran at the same LPI setting, the larger one will take at least 2X as long because it has twice the number of scan lines the head has to travel, but may take up to 4X as long because it has 4X the surface area to print.


Is the cut line done in the GFUI or part of the original graphic? Thanks.

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To answer your question about speed effects on engraving: darker, bigger, and higher resolution all take longer. There’s some basic physics there that doesn’t change.

Alignment is already better on production machines, and will continue to get much better in software over time. There are factory calibrations performed on production machines that will make them more capable than prerelease machines will ever be.


Created in AI.

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Thanks to you and @mpipes for your responses. :smiley:

Spring for copic markers if you are going to color this one. I was skeptical at first when my daughter showed me the price, but the results were awesome.


Love Copic!!! And it gets addictive… I want all the colours!!!


I will be making something like this soon.