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Supplies: 20lb Copy Paper - Op Time: 10mins

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

If you do not mind, what weight of paper did you use?


Copy paper. 20lb


That is impressive.


His left leg… is there something on top of the paper, or is that white bit part of the engrave/etch/mark/whatever-you-call-it-on-paper?


Looking at the zoom, those two pieces are definately pieces cut out that moved onto the arm and leg… still amazing detail and shows what can be done on regular paper.




Very cool!!


Since this was hidden off topic in another post last night…


That would make for a very unique watermark.


Very nice!


So you have a… really expensive laser printer now? :wink:
Very cool! Was wondering how good ol’ 20lb would work.


The manila folder was about the thickness of card stock. This was with 20lb copy paper and the same settings.

It burned through slightly on the black parts of the tires.


Yeah… I’d think cutting would be the more practical use of running paper through the unit.


Happens on trailer tires all the time in AZ - we call it dry rot :grin:


Very cool! Reminds me of neon genesis evangelion!