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Coasters my wife made.



Maple Plywood (proofgrade) & adhesive cork (Jo Ann’s)

22 mins for the engraving & 16 secs for the cuts (the cork)

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

Those are great! Love Legos. Hmm,wooden Legos…


Jeez, would you guys slow down a little! ROFL!
(Weekly Highlights summary is starting to look like a book!)



Love them!



Everything IS awesome!


Lego, not Legos! :wink:


You guys are so creative. I like the extra touch of the engraving on the back too. :grin:


So if using them for coasters is there any finish/sealer on them to protect from moisture, or au natural? Very nice job btw !!


What happened to the one on the left? Near the bottom, looks like it started to burn.


Obviously not op, but could be wood grain. Or if it is a burn, due to the different densities inherent in wood strata.


So is proofgrade refundable?


based on what? is flour (let’s say flour that’s guaranteed to taste good) refundable if you burn cookies? besides none of this is released yet, so the question is, as yet, moot.


If I bought proofgrade flour and used a proofgrade recipe in a proofgrade oven, I would not expect the cookies to burn. The point is the proofgrade material has a certain level of quality to ensure reliability.

Compensation due to poor workmanship? I understand that nothing is final yet, that is why was asking what happened to the coaster? Was it a bad batch of proofgrade maple? Or maybe the settings were off for maple?


@karaelena Really love these! The engraving looks like it may be at least 1/32" to 1/16" deep?


Or maybe a stain on my fingers when I pulled the tape off. (Which was what that was. Sorry).

I have no idea what the return policy would be on proofgrade.


Oh wait, BOTTOM left, first one. Sorry I was looking on the right one top (I need more coffee)

Yeah that was a char mark. But I still like the output anyway shrug


love it!


Totally stealing this idea!!!


Everything is awesome when you have a Glowforge.