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I had wanted a juniper bonsai for so long, and was really excited when the plant nursery down the street from me got a large collection of them. I went and picked out a fairly young bonsai, but they had some that were older than 80 years and amazing looking (not to mention incredibly expensive).

Mine died, and I figured I had killed it, even after sticking to the directions at closely as possible. When I went back to ask them what I did wrong, turns out it wasnt my fault. ALL of the bonsais they had there had died just due to the climate.

Im planning on just making a fake one some day =P


These look great!

Yet another project that I’ll have to hide from the people who will want to share time on my precious. :wink:


Pointy, yet pointless. Sounds like a bush with a poetic existential crisis. Maybe that’s the point. :wink:


Or a Nilsson cartoon. (If you’ve never seen the Point - is really a good cartoon, I still have the VHS)


Ours would just need to say “weeds”




Agreed. Our collective jealousy is huge.

Gosh darn you.


Those are great! I have a notebook full of garden themed projects I can’t wait to get to. Please continue to show yours!


Me too! Absolutely love it. Kept a VCR for it too. And my copy of Mel Brooks’ 2000 Year Old Man. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“Me and my Arrow”:relaxed:


Try putting some acrylic paint into the cavities and you’ve got nice colored type. Use a rubber block to squeegee the face clean and let it dry. Just an idea taken from a friend who’s an old school architectural modelmaker.


I have the original album. Lovely story. I first heard it in the early 70s, played to us by our English teacher at school.


Straight up and narrow…


Wherever we go, everyone knows…


Its me and my Arrow


I may need to make some of these for my gardening attempts.


I need some of these for sure. Doing good with tomatoes and lavender. But they basically take care of themselves.


Just some cute possibilities found online…


I love the first sign. Thank you for posting them. :joy::thumbsup:


Me too! :smile: