Pre-Release | Garden Stakes



Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" frosted acrylic - Op time: 18 mins

My wife made these this past weekend.

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017

We hate you. Not for your Pre-Release fun but because you have sufficient nice weather to actually be growing things. :smile:

It’s still cold and rainy here in the Northeast. Been raining all week. It may not rain this weekend.

The upside is that the snow piles are finally dwindling.


Wow that looks sharp.

Add this to another thing my wife will want for sure.


First I’ve seen of the PF frosted acrylic–this is a perfect application for it. They came out great! I like the way she ganged the prints to minimize waste.


This is awesome! I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on the Glowforge! Everyone with their pre-releases have really created some cool stuff! Great job!


I can see my wife being very interested in this idea.


Great idea! (Might have to try to find time to put in a little garden again this year.)


These are great! Please tell your wife, “bravo!” Now I am inspired to get my garden beds ready.


Mine would be so easy:

“Bush with berries”
“Different bush with berries”


Thos look fantastic ! (and very functional). I have to wonder how clear acrylic would hold up in AZ summer heat. That UV breaks down plastics so quickly here…:sunny:


I have a house in the Northwest…I need huckleberries, blueberries, huckleberries, huckleberries, huckleberries… :laughing: - Rich


Mine would be “bush with no berries”.

Fat bluejay on fence.
Purple poop on cars. :persevere:


Oh, and I need about 50 “squirrel” ones too… And that red-tailed hawk in the back yard is really slacking nowadays. I mean, maybe he’s overfull, as is the fluffy red cat that walks through daily, but seriously, someone needs to eat some of these…


I need 5 garden stakes.

“Pointless, non-fruit-bearing pointy shrub that produces no nectar for bees” (x9)
“By Any Other Name”


One more thing I’d have never thought of but now absolutely have to do!


Just have to make them out of wood instead :slightly_smiling_face:


i occasionally feed the neighborhood cats (no strays, they’re obviously someone’s pets with outdoor privileges) who stray through our yard in the hopes that they eat all of the herbivores that terrorize my garden.


I’ve come to accept the rabbits; it’s the ones that don’t runaway when I enter the yard that irritate me. At least the squirrels all scamper away.



All of mine would just say R.I.P.

Not good with plants. I do tend to pick stuff thats hard to keep alive in this climate though…


I live in an apartment, and I grow my garlic in a flower box I can move inside and outside. I had to bring it back inside for fear of cold killing my plants.