Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:


I went to Carroll! But way back when it was “College” not the fancy “University” that it is now.

Maybe we’ll have to try to set up a GUG (Glowforge Users Group) in Wisconsin. Sharing ideas & experiences and maybe even splitting supply orders when there are minimums or just materials you want to try without buying a lot. I just ordered Laser Foil, and it will be a long time Before I use 25 feet of it. I just had to have it though!


Know right where it is. I think you are on the Glowforge map, but could never match a name.

Who’d a thunk a Preacher from Missouri having a Bootleg Wisconsin beer would have brought us together?


Parishioners with kids in Wisconsin. They know what to bring back. Have a niece and nephew who went to Beloit and got the family drinking it.


Oooh, that looks good! Is it a sweeter nut brown, or more of an amber? American nut browns are my favorite type of beer (failing that, a nice porter). One of the reasons that I love this time of year!


Sweeter, almost has a chocolatey taste, and in a good way, not like that mass produced stuff that was discussed in detail in another thread :slight_smile:


In re; bottom runners and photos with measurements. First, thank you so much…all those photos are very detailed and thorough. Now my question… if you can answer, that’s great…but if anyone else can tell me, that’s fine, too. I’m being picky here; One of these is obviously at the front of the machine and the other at the back…one is about 2.5" from the edge and the other is about 3.5"from the edge…which is the front and which is the back?

Yet another table thread - on sale

Know why I love this time of year? First beer out of the Advent calendar :slight_smile:

Hey, if I have to work at home, I might as well enjoy a beer and watch the :glowforge: forums, right?!


Hey. The boss reminded me that I have a Glowforge with the edit and switch to Made on a Glowforge. Thanks @dan. Video is processing after being uploaded. No bells and whistles though a little singing.


That is definitely made on a Glowforge! Can’t wait to hear the music. We love to see people printing.


Top one is back right corner. Bottom one front right Left corner. You can tell it’s Left because of the vent flange.

Edit: I’m upside down and can’t think straight. That is left side of Glowforge as views from above. :point_down:


Thanks. Nice pic. Although it only shows my user name and no where does it asked me to name my forge. :scream_cat:

And here is the video of the print. 14 minutes through the weeding and scrutiny.

Apologies for the terrible focus and jerky motions. I’ll make it up to you.


I’m a little surprised it did the cut before the engrave. Did you change any settings?


No change. All default.


Thanks. I appreciate you recording all of this for us.


Yes we are on the map. I know I was wondering if the 4 of us that seem to be in this general area could share in ideas and places to buy and just help in general. I am a complete novice, my son has some cnc experience, but this is going to be an adventure for us.


I see prints like this almost every day at HQ but for whatever reason I keep re-watching this video. So cool. :slight_smile:


@marmak3261 - I heard you were looking for a metric ruler, so I attached one made quick and dirty… :slight_smile:

metric-ruler.svg (83.3 KB) (7.8 KB)


This is soooo amazing!!! Thanks so much @marmak3261 for taking the time to upload such informative and exciting videos. :grinning:


You should see if dan can hook you up with his plans for the glowforge recording cell phone holder!


Oops, I thought I heard you refer to it by that name in one of the vids. Again, thanks for posting.