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Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" Maple Plywood

While we were doing the demo of our kitchen we found a bunch of surprises. Outlets covered by built-ins. Double gang switch box covered by wallpaper. Typical demo nightmare. Well the one thing we found was a HVAC vent behind a cabinet. Which I did not account for it our CAD model since I did not know it was there. We soldiered on knowing I’d have to circle back and fix it. Well today I was letting the dogs out. (Yes. I know.) I noticed this.

My wife must have thought I was taking to long to fix it and simply did it herself. The kicker is- I have no idea when she did it. (Okay, I could look in the UI and find the timestamp) But the point is, She did it on her own. Pretty damn cool.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

I really hope my wife will take enough of an interest in the GF to try her own projects.

This is a really nice solution :slight_smile:


Your wife is clearly a very cool lady.
Although you do understand… she just flipped you the bird. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, I do it to him indoors all the time.:laughing:


Very nice! GF should be a family affair :slight_smile:


Well thanks. And for the record I didn’t ‘flip him the bird’. He’s a busy guy. And I felt that I was capable of doing it myself. So I did.


I stand corrected. :blush:


Heh, not the bird… she flipped the script!

And clearly you are!


It would seem that she is.
In more ways than one.


I’m worried I’ll be able to get my wife away from our GF so I can use it! She’s already talking a second one and we haven’t gotten the first one!
Great job by your wife!


Ha! Well done! My girlfriend has been making wall plates on the glowforge for the past few days. So nice to get to see shop things happening without me having to do anything!



This is was going to be one of my first projects for my air vents that I have been wanting to do from the start. Great minds.


Good looking (and fast) solution. Out of love but this is for you :+1:


Great looking and so functional. But, what I like a lot is that your wife took such initiative. :relaxed:


I agree!


Nice idea.


That looks fantastic. Makes me want to hold off on finishing the restoration until I can laser again. Making nice wooden air vent covers like that would match the motif I have going on.


And clearly you were! Nice job.


Ha! Yeah, that’s cool. Great example of solving a problem with a quick and creative solution!


That is SWEET! I imagine there will be many times when I think “I can make something to fix that just right”.


Oh no! Now I have to add wall plates to the project list! Too many ideas, too little time. Oh and no GF yet :slight_smile: