Pre Release: Intern plaque



It is my summer intern in the lab Sophie’s last day. So I decided that she needed a plaque. I used one I had bought from Laserbits (back when it was Laserbits). I crosshatched the photo in Photoshop before embedding in AI. Not sure why the GF software decided to invert the logo at the top (it first engraved it normally then went back over it with an inverted square (not happy about that, but it is what it is…). I’d post my settings but don’t want dan to yell at me…

source in AI

Plaque (the plaque is .31" thick) I was tempted to leave the masking on her face as it looked really good, but figured that wouldn’t last.


Congrats to Sophie! Hmmmmm, that looks like chocolate…


In my early morning stupor and through still asleep eyes, I thought you said ‘plague’. Then, I thought, well…he’s a doctor, so maybe he can do that…but it seems like a pretty mean thing to do.

Nice ‘award’…and another fun thing to make. Seldom see you here anymore, so you must be even busier than ever.


You treat your interns so well! They must love working with you! :grinning::+1:


What a thoughtful gift!
" I would post my settings, but I wouldn’t want to deprive artists working elsewhere the joy of discovery." :sunglasses:


Really…you guys are gonna make me be the first to comment on the “Queen of Silicone” thing?

I hope you cleared that with HR first :laughing:


Discretion is the better part of valor. Wasn’t going near that one.


hahaha. I did think about that.


And she is the queen of silicone (that’s a $180 block right there - with a $200 PTC drain guide wire sticking out of it)


Well Gee, doesn’t everybody equip their blocks of Silicone with PTC drain guide wires?

Come people get WITH the program.

never put CTP guide wires in your Silicone.

Tell her Congrats!


Amazing plaque! You’re really generous to your co-workers!
I think if I tried to give a female co-worker a “Queen Of Silicone” award I’d be fired before I could even present it to her.

What settings did you… oh… never mind.


Really, NOT equipping it with PTC guide wires is sooooooo Fall 2016…


I can see in your file the slightly darker box around the top logos which would explain the fill engrave. I take it you snatched it from a website?


Should add a " do not push button"


Next time I’d recommend inverting the image and adding some sort of border beforehand.


No, I mean technically yes but not how you mean, it’s our hospital logo from the official logos page (Harvard is psychotic about use of their logo, most of the fleece companies refuse to work with us as the Harvard logo police are absolutely batsh*t crazy…)


As a designer I know the brand policing some companies resort to to protect their brand identities! Some of them are quite mafia"esque"…lol. Next time if you use an image make sure there is a true white background or you may run into the problem again. Another problem that might have happened is when you dropped it into AI it could’ve created a mask around it. I’ll have to play around and see what’s up. Wish I had a GF to test with lol


Yeah, looks like AI did that… ugh. The problem is in the GFUI one square looks like another in settings, so there is an independent square on the image (the dot of the i in my division logo is dark black) so I probably made an engrave setting for that square. I wish the GFUI colored the items on the left so you could see what color it is in the drawing, then these things wouldn’t happen as often… since there is no sense of scale on the left side, hard to know what is what.


Or perhaps when you mouse over something in the list it could highlight the corresponding part of the file.


It does do that but for small things or overlays or other situations like that it is hard to tell what it might be highlighting on the other side of the window.