Pre-Release | I've got you in my sights (prototyping)

A friend of mine is doing a soldier 76 from overwatch,

and couldn’t figure out how to get his visor made. I have some red acrylic sitting around, so I told him to bring his test prints over and we’d see what we could come up with.

We needed to get a good flat scan of the visor shape, so we can adjust from there. I covered the 3d printed piece he had in masking tape, and cut around the edges of the tape.

I pulled the tape off of the 3d print, and laid it flat on a piece of .25" foam to trace in the GF and then cut out.

We fit the foam piece into the visor area, and took the SVG from the glowforge scan into illustrator. By comparing the fitment and measuring the gaps, we updated the SVG, and made a couple more iterations, each time getting closer to the final shape with craft foam.

Once we had what we thought was a good fit, and would work with the full quality 3d print he is going to do later this week, we cut it out on the glowforge out of acrylic to be heat shaped

We got it shaped up properly with some well applied heat, popped it into the rest of the headpiece, and its almost pefect! The final one obviously wont be pink after priming and painting =P. The visor will get edgelighting to pop the engraved band out when lit up.

This was his first time getting to play with the laser and he remarked how easy it was to iterate with this, and how much more fun it was than try to do everything by hand with razors or attempting a week long process with other materials before knowing if it was even going to work. We knocked this out in a few hours and it looks pretty great.

Hes really happy with it. Ill try to remember to post photos when the whole costume is done


Very cool. I’ve been hoping for some examples like this :grinning:


Very nice work.


3d to 2d to make it 3d. I’ll be using this process when I have the opportunity. Thanks!


I’ve bent acrylic once before (over a laser-made jig to get a precise curve) but for some reason it never comes to mind as a technique for my own projects. This is awesome!


looks great! I wonder if side-lighting would work to pop the engraved bit. Normally it looks pretty good and sounds less blinding than backlighting it :slight_smile:


Please post those pics, I’m sure the finished costume will be so cool! :sunglasses:


Eh yeah that’s what I meant. Edge lighting from 4 locations. 2top and 2corners.

Thanks for catching that


Holy wow!


I was just looking at Lucio’s glasses the other day thinking they seemed very similar to some acrylic laser cut glasses I’d seen around. Really loving to see the cosplay applications and how simple iterating is.


no doubt! definitely could do that with the laser. Symmetras too!

My girlfriend loves symmetra and wants to make a costume of her at some point. I used my inventables coupon to pick up 3 sheets of fluorescent acrylic just for cases like this. It would look pretty sweet. Cant wait to get to the point of doing that.

Im gearing up to attempt a mechaqueen pharah. There will be a little acrylic usage in that…


Oh yeah, Symmetra’s would be great! I want to see what you do with the mechaqueen Pharah (even the stuff not involving lasers).

I have Mercy as my next costume attempt but it’s on hold due to some other purchases. Really hyped about the parts that will be easier with a laser, though.


Oh man, that’s going to look so good! Thanks for the pro tips, super smart way to make that happen.


Thanks! Ive been wanting to have an excuse to do it, so when my friend mentioned he was going to do soldier76, I was very excited to try this out. It ended up being a lot easier than expected, and the rapid prototyping allowed us to stay in the instant gratification zone all day. Once or twice we skipped fixing parts that we knew need to be fixed so we could just do another run on the laser! He hasnt stopped talking about it


hm… please tell me more about the craft foam. Is it some special laser-able foam? I’ve always imagined craft foam would be flammable/dangerous… (btw, it looks great and sounds like lot of fun)

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Its EVA foam. It lasers really well, and is great to work with, especially in cosplay/costume creation. Youve probably seen the foam floor mats that look like puzzle pieces. Those are EVA. Smooth on one side, textured on the other. They can be shaped with a heat gun to hold different forms. Great material all around. Cut like butter on the laser.


thx! bookmarked :smiley:


You can also get it from craft and hobby stores in varying thicknesses from a couple mm to 6 or 8mm. It’s sometimes called fun foam or craft foam at those stores.

In the US Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry it. Amazon does as well.


I went to go pick up some more two days ago (to use as intended on the floor) while doing some re-arranging of my workspace. Harbor Freight had a 4-tile pack for 7.99. Costco had an 8-tile pack for 9.99. They have the same texture and interlock patterns. The ones I got from Harbor Freight a few years ago had a different texture pattern (diamond-plate style) but the same interlock.


@takitus – THANK YOU for the EVA foam tip. This material is EXACTLY what I need for some laser work. I have a game room with a high tech/sci-fi look and need to decorate some wall space with greebles. I’ve been trying to find the right material for a while.