Pre Release | Leather Puzzle Case



Hey guys, remember the Pile O Cats puzzle I made awhile back? It was a gift for my husband, but I had always intended to make a case for it to keep the pieces from falling out. Finally got to Tandy to get some thin leather for this purpose (currently, the thin Proofgrade doesn’t come in a large enough size).

It was so nice to have the laser cut all the stitching holes, since I have no leather tools (or skill either). But boy, stitching was still quite a job and not one I want to repeat anytime soon!


Oh I really love the case with the puzzle! Beautiful job! :grinning:


So what size does the Proofgrade leather come in? I ordered some leather online, “Leather Side Veg Vegetable Tan Split Pieces Light Weight; 2 Lbs, 9 Square Feet”

I think it will work for the leaves I want to make but the surface is a little rough.


cynd11 the case and the puzzle are wonderful!


Last time I checked the thin leather came in 6" x 12" only. The medium and the thicker leathers come in that size and also I believe in 12" x 20". I needed something at least 6.5" wide. All of the PG leathers are beautiful and they come already masked.


I painted the leaves you printed for me. I want to make more in different colors. these were a test. I am guessing they were on the thin PG. We will see how my leather works when I get to print again. I know I will be ordering PG from what I have seen and read in the in these posts.


Those are lovely painted. :grinning:


Yes, that was the thin leather. The painted ones look great!


Your sleeve for your puzzle is fantastic. It is VERY professional looking. :smile:


Thanks Jules.


Thanks cynd11.


Paw-sitively claw-some! (I tried.) This case really brings the project together.


Thats absolutely beautifully done😂 brings it together as a whole package. A+ for your sewing patience…if I cant sew it on my machine, it ain’t getting done…way too many years of sewing on patches for my kids and their friends…be it boy/girl scouts, civil air patrol or just for fun…lol


That looks awesome! I stick by my comment on your original post (wouldn’t dogs/puppies be so much better?) but religious stands aside I LOVE that! Nice clasp you found for it.

Excellent work.


Nicely done! I can’t tell, is that a saddle stitch?


I need to come up with a Pile O Dogs for my mom and sister.

Yep! I used two needles.


Cool…I have some leather, but have not made anything with it yet. I hope to have the time to do so soon.


Totally adorable!


So, lemme say that, honestly, I don’t care about puzzles and I generally don’t care much about leather. So I figured I’d look at this, give it a quick Like out of appreciation for design and willingness to share, and move on with my day.

My jaw… dropped.
This is REALLY nice. Like REALLY nice. I’m sitting here staring at it right now. And I LOVE it. So clean and well-executed! You’ve actually made me interested in working with leather!

GREAT job!

It’s the cat’s meow!


Awwww, shucks. Didn’t think it was all that special!