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One last project before the weekend. I made this for my husband, who is even more of a nut about cats than I am, if that’s possible. I found the free pattern here, and hand traced it in Illustrator to get the cut lines. The whiskers are actually tiny boxes so I could do a vector engrave.

I cut it three times, out of the three Proofgrade hardwoods (maple, cherry, and walnut), so that gave me three puzzles with a different mix of cats in each. Each puzzle cut in less than 7 minutes. On the walnut, I was not getting enough contrast in the eye area so I put a dot of paint there.

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Ireconsilable philosophical differences aside (I’m a dog-person!), this looks fantastic! The color combinations worked really well here. Nice job!


Very nice.


Very fun. My daughter would be in love with this.




Really nice technique too. Should be applicable to a lot of things where you need related multiples. (There’s a quilting technique sorta like that, but it’s all straight cuts.)


Love it, love it, love it! That’s the exact expression I get from mine when I’m late with their dinner! :smile:


You picked a real nice design to make and the colors that you used work so well together. The cats fit together perfectly , although one small piece is missing. Lastly, the painted eyes look amazing. :grin:


Yeah, I debated about keeping that in. I could have redesigned the cut lines to eliminate orphans but decided not to. Maybe for version 2.0.

I really like the puzzle idea (super fast and easy on the GF) so I bought a used scrollsaw pattern book for puzzles on Amazon (this one: Scroll Saw Art Puzzles ). Because I’m likely to need a Pile O Dogs as well at some point.


Seeing this made me smile this morning. Good job!


:squeeee: I normally don’t use the squee icon, but when I do, I mean it. They all look like their food bowls are empty and you are walking out the door! So nice! Another demonstration of why we need that fourth color of proofgrade ply and veneer: 4-color map theorem.


This is great! If you wanted to get rid of the paint, you could cut out the eyes and swap them around between the different woods.

I really like this! (Also a cat person…)



This is great and I love the idea of cutting the whole thing out of different woods and then mixing and matching them. Brilliant!


Wow that’s really cool. It appears that, like fruits, woods can be mixed to make something amazingly delicious!


This reminds me of the old 70’s wood puzzles my kids play with at the library. We love those things!