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Who’s to say there isn’t a bluetooth chip in there that’s just not enabled? There’s a speaker that as far as I know hasn’t made any sounds yet…


I know. I got a little excited today thinking about it.
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The motherboard/controller has what looks to be 2 (two) USB ports, but it is very difficult to see them.


This is same principal I used in the way mine works. Mine is obviously more customized to fit the gf though =)


Happy cake day @mad_macs !!!


There isn’t one.


If there are USB ports inside, as someone has said there are, it would be possible to add one I guess, with software support of course . They have those tiny little ones not much bigger than the port itself.


Indeed, there are 2 micro’s on the front side of the controller board. At least one (the left side one) is an FTDI FT230X serial port for console access. No joy there for the purpose you are proposing. (Lots of joy there for other purposes :wink: .)

I haven’t investigated what the other one is. If it is connected to the i.MX6 Solo’s EHCI, then I guess it would be feasible.


I had only heard USB ports. How come someone hasn’t done a full endoscope on their Forge yet, and looked at the nooks and crannies?

I’ve been kind of addicted to this guys reviews on stuff. He’s pretty funny and swears a bunch in Canadian. NSFW unless you are a longshoreman or oil rig worker.


Pretty sure they have. When warranties start to expire, the videos will probably start to emerge.


I was just looking at this and sketching out some designs. I think this would actually be fairly straightforward to make for the Glowforge. Wondering if @karaelena would be interested in sharing his F360 file? I’m also happy to design from scratch, just never hurts to have a starting point. :slight_smile: