Pre-Release | Mega City One



Supplies : 1/4" Proograde Acylic, 1/8" Walnut Hardwood & Cherry Ply
Op Time: 32 mins for the small one and 1hr 15min for the large one. All done @ 675LPI.

Judge Dredd is well into my top 10 movie list.

This is mostly an example of the 'forge (specifically a PRU) doing 3D Engraving.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where exactly where I got the STL as it was in my ‘movie props’ folder from about 3 years ago. But I passed it into Blender to get a depth map. Then into Photoshop to remove the solid black background and to tweak the mapping. Then imported that into illustrator so I can create an offset path as a cut line. Exported that out as an SVG and off to the races.

Close up of the tube doing its thing.

I like the way it came out so I made another one 20% bigger.

Then I wanted to see what it looked like in acrylic.

Dredd Approves.

Faux metal badge #2; comparison of carving Draftboard, basswood, poplar
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

Grab some rub n buff and it would look even more awesomer! Nice job!


Uh oh, this gives me some great ideas…lolol


Kewl! :relaxed::+1:


Awesome Badge!
I Really love the Acrylic version!


That is SWEEEET!!!


really cool. Gives me some ideas!


I have several photos of that badge saved in my movie props folder as well. Came out amazing, especially the acrylic!


Seriously, you need to stop being so awesome. It looks so good, Nerd cred +1!


Is the acrylic one painted to look metallic?


that really looks fantastic. I’ll have to do a Raccoon City PD badge…


Holy moly, that’s incredible! Just think what you could do for heraldry and family crests and such.


The golden one is GF-made or just a reference?


Oh nice…love me some Dredd. :smiley:


Ooooo, I don’t know what I like better – the wooden one or the acrylic one. They are both too awesome!


This looks AWESOME!

So… I don’t remember how to get a depth map in Blender. Tips?


That’s not Dredd.


I was Dredding that…



Yeah – I lean toward Karl Urban – although if you’ve read the graphic novels, Sly is pretty true to the character…