Pre-Release | More Fiddler Stuff

I whipped up some more little items for the Missouri Fiddlers to use as fundraisers. I thought I’d make a few tiny instruments and put pin backs on them for the Fiddlers to sell.

So, I had two choices: go with the somewhat primitive but charming images that are on the hand drawn logo of the organization, or design something more anatomically correct.

So I did both. Which ones do you like the best? Or maybe what I should ask is, which would you more likely to buy if you are, or are not, a member of the organization?

Charming but crude:

Anatomically correct:

Guitar is 1/8" PG Maple Plywood, fiddle is 1/8" PG Cherry Hardwood. Note: I realize the strings on the guitar are a little wonky. I think it has to do with the angle of rotation interacting with the LPI setting. Working on it.


The primitive ones are cute, but the anatomically correct ones have a wow factor that I think will fetch a higher price, if it’s a fundraiser. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like 'em both but I love the anatomically correct versions. (They’re so cute!) :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:


The anatomically-correct* versions will fetch a higher price and appeal to a broader audience.

Supporters might be inclined to get the ones that match the logo, though.

*you gotta zoom WAY in to see the difference…:stuck_out_tongue:


I like them both too. If I was forced to pick one for me, I’d take the anatomically correct ones. But it was a tough choice.

Why not both?


Like them both, but definitely the anotomically correct ones better!! Beautiful!!


Charming version: sell em for cheap, use a cheap pinback/zipper-pull fastener.
Anatomically correct version: sell em for a little higher price, with a nicer pinback/magnetic back.


Definitely the detailed ones have the magic!

As in which way the engrave is going in relation to the design and head movement? Yes, getting those thin lines horizontal in the engrave would be great without dithering. Still looks amazing.

The second one… yup, definitely the second one :smiley:

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Agree that both look nice but if I was buying I’d go for the anatomically correct.

As long as it’s the fiddle that is anatomically correct and not the fiddler. Well, most of the time.

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Two different markets. The logo ones would go, say, as a freebie with any donation, or something like that. The “correct” ones would be a thing in themselves, and maybe a higher-tier swag item. The bigger ones are also big enough to sign (either by hand or by laser) for extra cred.

And how long will it be before somebody strings one?


Certainly like the bottom designs better. Great work. Question… And I really despise people that pick apart our designs… The fiddle lower bout looks a little flat on the bottom? Of course one of our fiddlers plays a square cigar box version so anything that sounds good works.


Thanks for the feedback everybody! Some good advice here, which reinforces what I thought already.

You are absolutely right and I had already decided to redesign it. My starting point was a fiddle vector file that we used on our raffle tickets, I don’t know where it came from. I did quite a bit of work on the file to make it appropriate for this purpose and scale, but I don’t like that shape. I think it will be a relatively minor edit to get it where it should be.

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I like both designs. Very tough to decide which I like better. Today I’d probably say the anatomically correct one. Ask me again tomorrow and I might choose the others.

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Hey @rpegg, do you like this one better? I sure do! That shape was bothering me every time I looked at it.


Just had a thought. I need to start working on a depth map so when 3D rolls out I can get the curves and details even better!


Yes. I’m not a fiddler myself and don’t really pay attention to the shape much, as long as the fiddler’s intonation is decent, but wouldn’t have noticed any issue with that one.


Love these. The anatomical ones really pop!


I shall be the voice of dissension here, I’d go for the whimsical ones. :slight_smile: I tend to be attracted to artistic interpretation more than realistic miniature copies. I would certainly buy both though.