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Hey Folks-- I needed a little trinket to give members of the church choir for Easter. In past years I’ve given little chocolate eggs and jelly beans, but one of them was recently diagnosed with diabetes and it seemed like it would be insensitive to do the same thing this year. Fortunately I can do something different and unique with a Glowforge.

So I pulled the shield logo off the church’s website (hope that’s okay!), traced the shield shape in Illustrator, and placed the raster image on top of the phrase:

Here’s the interesting part: the image was just linked, not embedded in the Illustrator file. I tried to embed it but the option was greyed out (maybe because it was a .png?). The Glowforge App wants the file to be embedded, and told me so when I tried to upload the design. But then it gives you the option to browse for the original, uploads the raster, and places it in your design in the exact size and location where it is placed in your design file. I thought this was brilliant! Instead of choking on the file that was not prepared as expected, the app worked with me to get what I wanted accomplished. Well done, Glowforge!

Oh, if you’re wondering, here’s the stats: Proofgrade maple 1/8" plywood, each tag was 2" tall with cutting, scoring, vector engraving and raster engraving, and each tag took 3 minutes.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

That’s way more awesome, and unlike jelly beans, they will have this and remember it for way, way longer…


You are killer with your laser. I love all of the unique projects that you are making. :grin:


Those are really nice and much better gift than candy!
Great to know the Forge is helpful!


This makes me think of Monty Python. Delightful!


What a great idea! (Those are really cute!) :smile:


Definitely a very interesting blend of British pop culture going on there, intentionally or otherwise. They look great!


Haha–I think it’s otherwise. It’s a symbol for St. Michael.


Out of likes for the day​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: you are killing it with your projects!!!