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Supplies : 1/8" Black & Frosted Acrylic and Walnut Hardwood
Op time : Black - 4mins 33sec , Frosted 3mins 6 secs & Walnut 3mins 44sec.

Yesterday I was poking around my Aperture library (Yup. Aperture) and I found an old image I took eons ago with an old Olympus E300.

I opened in Photoshop and converted it to greyscale and used the curve tool to crush the details and make the edges more pronounced.

Then imported it into Illustrator and vectored it and added a border.

Exported border and imported that to Fusion 360. Then designed the stand.

Then exported everything out as SVG and cut everything out.

Assembly time.

Actually looks better than I envisioned.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

Love it! I like the shot that has the light reflection in it, looks like the moon.
I wonder what it would look like with the bigger branch behind acrylic? If it would bring in some of the effect of the original photo?


That’s just lovely! Love the inlay of the black and frosted acrylic. (And the frame.)


Ohhhhhhh, gorgeous! All the parts work together so perfectly.


It looks great. We have quite the bird theme in our house, especially in that this is the year of the chicken and we have twins due any day now, so I might try something like this, too.

@jules mentioned inlay, but I did not notice any etching of the frosted piece. Did I miss that, or did you just glue the black component on the flat surface?


You know, I think you’re right, it’s just glued on. It looked inlaid at first. :relaxed:


gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Very cool project! That’s a new feature in Photoshop I hadn’t known about…I like it!


I still have a ton of photos in Aperture but have sadly converted to LR as the 5DMKIV wasn’t fully supported in Aperture.

Project is so cool. Love the idea, and hadn’t though to crush a photo… I got a great shot of a colon a couple weeks ago… :smiley: Seriously very cool. Is the black just glued onto the frosted or is it inlayed?


That’s really beautiful!


God that’s gorgeous! I’d buy that!


Gorgeous. Can’t wait to do custom transom windows.




Ugh! I did an OSX update without reading the fine print and somehow lost access to my Aperature library (which had also taken over my iPhoto library). Right now I’m locked out of years of photos and my wife is still threatening bodily harm if I can’t figure out a way to get them back… :cry:


I don’t think that really happened. I understand that “Apple just works”. They wouldn’t brick your stuff. That would be what the villains from Redmond do.



And some more detailed info:


Very classy design. I dont work alot with frosted acrylic… But I might need to now…is the black on front?


Dude!?! :heart_eyes: (that’s all I can say about that)


Yup. The black acrylic is on top of the frosted acrylic.


That turned out awesome! Great work! I really like it with the frosted behind. It looks great on the stand. There are so many cool things that you could do with that Silhouette. :sunglasses: