Pre Release: Silly maker sign



I am faculty in our SPIN (Surgical Program in Innovation) which is a course designed to get surgical residents thinking about designing, making and selling medical devices. The course starts with idea generation, then a hackathon, then business plan generation, then I teach CAD, making (3D printing, etc) and electronics and now we are coming to the end of the course this weekend, and I am one of the faculty judges. There are 3 others (VCs and faculty from the Harvard Business School/Sloane School at MIT) but I am the judge for the prototype/design part. Figured I needed a desk sign to embody multimaterial making and thinking quickly,

It’s powered by an Adafruit Feather M0 (ARM M0 processor) with an OLED screen (yeah overkill, it was already on my desk, just took off the servo board).

Whipped it all up in OnShape, cut the gears out of :proofgrade: Cherry and Translucent Red Acrylic from Inventables and the main part is :proofgrade: maple.

Is it silly, of course. But is it nerdy? You bet! Perfect. And I even left space through the sides to charge the battery via USB into the feather! And the waste triangles are being turned into Wine bottle tags… The gear are riding on some left over actobotics screws with washers as “bearings”. Spin super freely on their own. Glued the legs in with Tightbond III

Advice: Gluing Proofgrade Solid Woods
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 20, 2017

No criticizing but why does the text scroll that way? Harder to read than the normal left to right?


Because I was bored (and invested 3 minutes in coding this in the office, while I was waiting for my code to compile). I wanted to see what scrollRight did in the VFX library to be honest… Might change it back (this whole thing is a few lines of code after all)


Love it! :smiley:


Nice! Just curious @henryhbk , in your SPIN program, do you use/teach a specific innovation technique or process to come up with new ideas? I ask as it is a interest are of mine (I wrote a book on the topic using food as a model to teach innovation), but also because I am a believer that if you have a good process, you can come up with great ideas and then bring them to life.


You mean do we teach around specific example/topics? Yes, this is specifically around medical device problem solving. For CAD examples we do some medical and some non-medical parts (i.e. make a wrench from a mechanical drawing).


I love me a good geek sign! Much better than a fidget spinner. And the legs are a lovely design element.


I see what you did there by putting the SPIN acronym on a gear that spins.


would be cool to have spinning the gears do the scrolling.


What a fun looking little project!


yeah, if this was a maker faire (NYC here I come) or something more than a couple of hours, I would totally rotary encode the gears…




That made me smile. Just think how many things have been accomplished in recent modern history while “waiting for my code to compile” ! I write a lot of haiku during that time. Someday, these modern kids won’t have much compile-time to wait through, and all that little in-between-time innovation will be lost. :nerd:




I guess, but even with 16 threads on a dual quad-core Xeon with bus based flash drives, 2m lines of source take a while to compile and link into 10 separate applications.


I’m so grateful that I didn’t understand any of that sentence.


translation: big monstrously fast computer: still takes a while…


Interesting! Thanks!


I’m no proof reader, but shouldn’t you have another comma in that list?

Design, Prototyping, and manufacturing


sweet mother of god man, don’t start the oxford comma debate. Hard enough to keep the kittens herded on these forums! :fearful: