Pre Release: Silly maker sign



And don’t forget “two spaces after a period” too.

As long as nobody mentions font selection the haters won’t hate and we should be fine.


Very cool!!


there is no worthwhile debate. one way is correct, and one isn’t. :imp::eyeglasses:

this message was paid for by the comma equality council.


this is functionally dead because almost all browsers/html devices render multiple white spaces as a single space anyway


And by all means, don’t use a preposition in a sentence afterwards.


And of course, don’t use no double negatives – not never no how :relaxed:


is triple ok then?




I run some 64-core machines (with a half terabyte of RAM each) at work. Those are great for compiling but anything big (say, Firefox) can still take a while. :slight_smile:


Two spaces is for print, web hast mostly accepted 1 as the default these days.


I think my boss my question my purchase of a 64 core workstation…


Was for print. I think even Struck and Chicago style manuals have succumbed to one now that proportional fonts and variable kerning are ubiquitous.

Damned hard getting used to not double-tapping the spacebar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah i’m right on the edge of when they stopped teaching double tap, I switch back and forth though usually double tap still.


HI my name is ihermit2 and I still double space after a period in text messages.


My first thought was “Why is he introducing himself, we can see his user name” … then I got it
Guess I’m a little slow.



Or fonts!

Sorry, out of love… imagine that.


Well that’s an ambiguous sentence. The ‘simply’ could modify ‘does’ or ‘discuss’. I think the OP meant it to modify ‘does’. But in that case why wasn’t the sentence constructed as ‘One simply does not discuss grammar on a glowforge forum’ which would have been simpler and clearer in intent since the ‘simply’ can modify only ‘does’. As it was I interpreted the ‘simply’ as modifying ‘discuss’. In which case I hardily agree, one does not simply discuss grammar on a glowforge forum, we complicatedly discuss grammar on a glowforge forum. :slight_smile: Best to pop the stack now and stop being meta.


When ending a sentence with a web address: do you avoid using a period, do you use a period normally and hope it is not confused for part of the web address, or do you put a space or two between the end of the web address and the period?


Hmmm, confusing, this is.