Pre-Release | SKOGSTA

Supplies : Ikea Cutting board
Op time : 19mins 33sec

Ikea is an incredible place.

Glowforge + Ikea Cutting board = Custom one of a kind art.

The cutting board was pretty thick which meant the tray had to come out. I needed to raise the cutting board a bit so the depth checker routine could detect the board. I used a spool of electrical tape to act as a spacer/stand for the board.

I pre-masked the board and drew some lines so I knew where the center, hole and the corners where. Then sized/placed the vector close to the center.

I used an Anker USB charger to act as a square to make sure both corners were at the same distance then hit ‘print’.

I did do a small test engrave in the corner to make sure I had the power/speeds right. But it seems the density of whatever Ikea used varies threw out the board. Which meant it engraved deeper than I’d like. I guess I’ve been pampered by the Proofgrade.

None the less- It still came out pretty good.


Looks great!
Unfortunately, no IKEA near me.

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Oooooo, nice! Do you recall what kind of wood it is?

‘Made of solid wood, which is a durable natural material and gentle on your knives.’


it’s acacia


How cool!

Hey, seems you can answer a question I’ve been pondering. When you self-mask, do you have to worry about energy transfer through any overlapping tape?

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depends on the wood and what you’re cutting. but people have definitely posted pictures of it here creating ripples in the finished product.


Hmmmm… Sounds difficult to mask well. Is there a good trick to not leaving a gap versus overlap? Wider tape out there?

Edit: Maybe this?
Edit of Edit: Link removed because I don’t think it’s a good choice.


Exactly that. :wink:


Everyone seems to be using the paper transfer tape rather than the clear you linked to. Not sure if the clear stuff is laser safe.

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Yeah paper transfer tape…not the clear…not laser safe


There are numerous masking paper rolls available for laser cutting. I have used 2 different one. The one from LaserBits (now Johnson) which is medium tack and a high-tack one from signwarehouse which really sticks well. That being said the surface needs to be fairly smooth (if it is rough wood I have taken to sanding it with 220 grit and then it is important to get the dust off or the paper will lift).

It is important to get a laser safe one. These are handy that they have 12" widths which of course fit GF sized materials.


Yeah, I realized it was clear after I looked at it again and figured it might not be what I want. I see a couple on Amazon that look promising. I’ll take a close look at your links though.



Damn you for getting Justin Timberlake stuck in my head.


The project turned out marvelously…

I am curious about the Scotch Blue 2093 masking. What do you find it works best on and what have been materials that “not so much”?

i’m bringing glowforge back (yeah)
them other lasers don’t know how to act (yeah)
it cuts your proofgrade stock up fast and slow (yeah)
so hit the button and get with the glow (yeah)


I’ve had “eBay”, Weird Al’s parody of “I Want it That Way” stuck in my head for a couple of days now.


I love this!!!

Everyone is getting this for Christmas! hahaha