Pre-Release | Small tests from last night


With 10,000+ customers wonder how that will work? Assume the device has its own MAC address so the name itself doesn’t have to be an identifier. Odds are that I won’t be one of the chosen few, but spent 3.8 minutes thinking about a unique code name anyway.


They all come with a unique ID in the scheme of AB1-234. Kinda similar to stormtrooper callsigns now that I think about it. …and they are white and black …and shoot lasers … and there is 1 black one rumored to exist that belongs to @aeva. Im starting to think she should name hers vader, or sithforge, or something along those lines.

Ok back on topic… As far as I know name is just cosmetic, but we havent tried to name two of them the same thing yet, so who knows if theres a rule preventing that. I think it would be kinda cool to have an army of burninators lol.


But hopefully the Glowforge will have better aim.


Oooh those are good ideas, but I already have my heart set on Stealthforge :grin:


SO beautiful