Pre Release: The Escutcheons are making me scream


Alright, alright. Now that @Jules made one, I guess I need to. So this morning saw this:

Well, figured it was time to make one:

Note: This is based on his original sketch rather than the later colored paintings…


And what is he screaming?


time to clean the honeycomb… It’s pretty nasty…


Chuckle! Very artistic, although Edvard was never a favorite artist of mine. (My sister loves his work, but she only reads Dostoyevsky too. No accounting for taste. ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not mine either, but it’s absurd enough. Let me tell you though that is not an easy sketch to turn into a vector engrave! A lot of photoshop prep went into making it possible to auto trace that…


I can believe it!


Good one! I love it!


That’s just about an Uncle Fester…


When the design store opens, there should be a section for escutcheons. And maybe contests.


Hahahaha! That’s great


Often times tracing by hand (pen tool) is easier and quicker than trying to prep an image that needs a ton of work. And the pen tool is kind of cathartic:)