The Obligatory Escutcheon



Yup. It’s an unwritten law that the Glowie PR users are required by laser zeitgeist to create an escutcheon for the button…and I’m running kinda late.

Since all the cool star-gate and aztec calendar designs were taken, I just worked up something simple.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Pre Release: The Escutcheons are making me scream
3...2...1...Escutcheon Cover
Roads; Who Needs Roads
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

That is so clever. It just begs to be pressed.


Thanks…but it can’t touch the calendar or the gate. :wink:
I’ll do a better one later.


Holiday ones. A wreath for Christmas, fireworks for the Fourth of July. Must try to think of others.


Great ideas!


Continuing with the other Sci-Fi themes, here’s an easy one. The Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars. It would be quite big if all proportions were kept the same with the button in the middle circle. A stylized one with a bigger circle in the middle could work well.

“Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational Glowforge. Fire at will, commander.”


Simple, elegant, beautiful. The design draws your eye to the glowing button making the desire to push the button even stronger. Must push button… can… not… stop… must… use… all… powerful… laser… :neutral_face::grin:


It’s gorgeous! I really like the way you are incorporating the different shades of engraving. Clean and elegant is clearly your style!


Well you are out in front of me as usual. I’ve got to get on this!
Yours makes me want to wear black and say in a deep voice “start primary ignition” as I push the button. Great job.


I think I’ll go this nerdy route.


I haven’t even through about this, yet. I don’t know what I will do, but part of me really like the Stargate or Aztec stone option.


If the black center of the design were sized to the glowing GF button it wouldn’t be too big. If the main piece were cut from 1/4" and the black center circle out of 1/8" it would slot inside and be flush with the rest of the plate when resting on the glowing GF button. Or do it all out of 1/8" and use two layers for the outside and 1 layer for the inner black ring. If you double cut the inner circle the kerf should be wide enough to let the glowing light come up in a ring from underneath :slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing so cool.
Since I kept forgetting about the flashback, I left myself a gentle reminder…


I like that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh boy… I gotta start thinking of something now…

Really cool!


Jules, you always impress me…love the design.


Thinking of trying to design my own, but hesitant. While I am thinking about it, what is the diameter of the hole that I need to fit?


40.25 mm. Exactly. Kerf adjusted. One fraction of a mm smaller, and it will not fit around the ring. :wink:


Thank you. Been pondering something with the family crest, or a cat’s paw.

New photo by Mark Evans

All I have in 1/4 right now is clear. I need to get a rainbow of colors.
Also, I have got to get good in some 2d program. I ended up going to F360 with this as I can get what I want most every time where I was getting my butt kicked in Inkscape.

One problem with even a simple little project like this is it overstimulates me. I don’t just see the escutcheon, I see the potential for a hundred more projects…

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