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Today I heard our normal morning mating call of, 'Have you seen my sunglasses?. And today I decided to do something about it. So as usual, I jump into Fusion 360. Whipped something up. While I was designing it, I wanted to do something ‘Snazzy’. For one I wanted them to be color coded. And secondly I wanted to use two different materials.

I decided I was going to paint the bottom half of both holders and the stock already had the pre-mask on it which made that easy. So I added an extra line to convert over to a score once I moved the file over to the UI. That way I can paint the bottom without making a mess.

And in the interest of saving time, I wanted to run both the birch plywood (non-proofgrade) and the 1/4" Acrylic (non-proofgrade) at the same time.

The op took just under 5 mins.

Test Fit.

Took the main bodies outside. Hit them with some paint. Then applied a matte clear coat on them.

Clear Matte Finish.

Glamor Shots.

Simple. But functional.

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017

I’m jealous. I want to make things like these too.


Well done.


Now you just need the discipline to put the Sunglasses there each night. :grin: - Rich


Oh, and I’m also jealous that you can paint outside at this time of the year.


Right?! I saw that and I was like, where is he painting…oh, nevermind…he didn’t get the ice storm we just had!


Form follows function, they are great! Like you said simple but that is such a good example of the process of issue --> solution !


Very clever… multiple times of clever! I like the acrylic and the simple
paint job :slight_smile:


Nice touch with the color bar.
Are the notes on the green tape your setting for this material?


Yup. Cut and Engrave.


Looks sharp. I like the scoring the mask so you can peel off a small part to paint. Could do some neat stuff with that idea.


Outstanding sir! I would love to be functional enough in Fusion 360 to be able to whip up something like this easily. But when @jules and the rest of the training team get done, maybe I will.


awesome! I love these projects!


I just got in a 1000ft roll of masking last night =))))


Super cool and oh so wonderful! Love seeing the process of I need something and oh…here I’ll just make it😀 lmao “morning mating call”


Now you just need to work on not getting blue paint on your deck! :confounded: Nice job! :+1:


I assure you the deck has been cleaned seconds after I took that picture. And actually thought about if someone was going to point that out and whether or not to even post that particular one.


Simple yet functional. Awesome.
I especially like the part that you used the cutout from Bleach to hold the Acrylic.


So amazing! Yes, I like that you had a problem. You drew up a solution and laser made it so quickly!!!

Alters the way the brain thinks :smile:


Nice example of the use of 1/4" acrylic. Hint to those heading to Inventables. Good design. Thanks.


Great jod.