Pre Release: yeah I made that laser sign

OK, I finally felt I needed a sign for the Glowforge… :proofgrade: Walnut 100/35. It will sit on the wall behind the GF. It’s looks way better in person (the GF LEDs kind of wash out the color…)


This sign is vaguely familiar for some reason, cant put my finger on it…


And it gets better each time!


Laser signs are fun…lol

Here’s another version…


Oh hey, that reminds me…still wanna buy one of those from you. :grin:
(Shoot me a PM with your PayPal email addy and the price, and I’ll send you my addy.)


I love it when I see ‘secret code words’ like these. It’s actually pretty cool to be able to share settings in such quick way. And it’s even cooler that I know what they mean, now!


i’ve been wanting something similar to put on the door to my loft.


Darn. I am out of likes. Is it per day, or is it 24 hours, and my liking spree from last night is catching up to me?


Hours so it’s rolling. You’ll be good to like soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s mine.


I think with a few carefully placed words, some of these might meet ANSI standards!
As a (now former) Laser Physicist, I could have used a few of these in some of my past labs. Though we did improvise occasionally for Class III and IV warning signs… :slight_smile:

I just received my Glowforge and I love this sign. Could I possibly purchase the file from you so that I can make and hang up in my office/man cave?


Aside from the forum rules against asking for designs, this is not my design. I believe the original is possibly @mpipes?

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Thank you sir

Can you decode these settings for the uninitiated noob here? :see_no_evil:

So no for 2 reasons: One you can only discuss settings for non-proofgrade in beyond the manual (that happened after this post), and 2 when I did this it was during the Pre-release days so the GFUI used different units (well actual units, as opposed to now which are arbitrary units we often jokingly call “pews” as in pew-pew. But to be honest the best starting place for plywood like this is just use the maple ply proof grade settings as a good starting point and modify from there as needed. In the PRU days that’s all we had (and the :proofgrade: setting were sent to us via email so we really had to do everything that way as they hadn’t optimized them yet)


Sorry - I did not mean translate them to non PG settings - I meant, could someone clarify what the fractional numbers were actually referring to, to decode the ‘secret code words’ for those not yet in the know.

Speed, power.

You can’t set speed to 35.

… but you should not use these settings without testing on your material.

I mean it was power and speed, but they used different units in the PRU days. (There is actually an excel spreadsheet that translates between PRU units and modern GFUI fake-units.