Precision position, design library improvements, and a focus fix: Latest Improvements 3/30/20



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The Design thumbnails is the worst thing to ever happen to my home screen. It doesn’t make finding older files easier, it makes it impossible to find anything. Please revert this :sob: how does this help me see my files? Please reconsider. Look how beautiful and easy to find they were before.

Definite difference in the preview picture for me too … not a good difference. Pre-changes the pictures are WAY more clear.

Will this improve? If so, cool. If not…a definite bummer.

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Mine are equally bad. I can’t even recognize the needlekeep file with the mandala.

Sad to pile on, but yeah, the “updated thumbnails” is terrible. In my case not only was it fuzzy, only 1 of the 3 shapes even showed up so it was a tiny fuzzy grey spot in the corner :frowning:

Agreed on thumbnails, but I do have good news. After the last update, I was having problems cutting items using tried and true settings.

I decided to give the fix a good test, cutting in the same area of the board that previously failed, using the same settings. That fix worked like a charm. I’m happy.


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