Premium Access when selling your Glowforge


I am looking to sell my Glowforge Pro here in DFW, TX and I couldn’t find much information about how the premium access works. I bought an annual subscription in Oct 2021 and wasn’t sure if the “new owner” would receive these benefits or if it was just a total loss. I want to make sure when selling, I touch all the bases.

Thank you so much in advance!

Email, they’re the only ones with a definitive answer. Sorry.


I have sent one but thought I would try here while I waited for a response. Thank you!

I don’t recall it ever coming up before but please report back when you find out.


you got it!

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given how slow GF is with responses lately I probably already know the answer… but… any update on this?

You are correct, just an email saying they are experiencing longer response times and they will get back to be asap. :grinning:


For anyone wondering, they cannot transfer premium access that you have paid for but she said she would attempt to refund the prorated amount.


Thanks for reporting back!

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