Premium catalog designs download

Hi all! I’m curious, with a premium subscription can you download the catalog designs, make changes to them and keep them (as yours forever) even if at some point you decide not to renew your premium subscription? Or do you only have access to the catalog designs while you have a subscription. Thanks for the help and any opinions on premium subscriptions.

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You cannot download catalog designs at all. Your premium subscription entitles you to print them only, not have direct access to the designers file…and you will only continue to have access to them when you maintain your subscription.



Thank you so much for your reply. Hmm, now to decide whether or not premium is worth it. I was hoping to be able to download so I could use the designs with my other lasers as well.


Thank you for the information.

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Most folks creating designs and selling the result do not wish competition from their customers, so your premium pays those artists every time you make a print. If you moved the design to a different computer/laser and made a bunch of them the artist would not be paid for any of those. The money per print is very low so it has to be made up in volume.


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