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I was told that we have a trial period until 3 November. Now when I try to use the features I am being forced to sign up for the premium software at $50 a month. The application will not let me use the premium features unless I sign up. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON

same. following for some answers

If you sign up now, the price is $14.99/month, not $50.

Dan has posted that this: “If you sign up now, we won’t start the subscription payments until the trial expires. however, you will get the full subscription benefits, including catalog access, immediately.”

So that means you can sign up now and cancel before the trial expires.

And if you decide to continue with the subscription it will be $14.99/mo until you cancel.


I just tried it with my 2nd email (which doesn’t have Premium) and while I’m getting ads on everything asking me if I want to sign up, I’m still able to use all the features.

SO - I’d suggest trying a different browser or clearing the cache on the one you’re in and giving it another go.

Otherwise it may be something specific to your account and you’ll need to wait for a staff member to get here to look at the back end.

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I’ve checked with our product team and they have fixed the issue that was causing the incorrect full price. Please try and sign up again, you should see the correct $14,99 monthly charge.

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