Premium free files need to save?

quick question. is there any need to add the free with premium to my dashboard if i want them in future. or will they still always be in the free with premium area?

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AFAIK , they will be free as long as you are a Premium member, so you don’t have to download it now.

(I’m pretty sure that they go away once you drop your Premium membership though, even if you download them, except for the once a month special file. That one is ours to keep, if I understand correctly.)

But the Premium membership is what gives us access to the free files. If you’re planning to drop it somewhere down the road, the free files go away and you have to purchase them.

I think. Don’t quote me on that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The file of the month is only free during that month, but the rest are always there.

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Hi @aseeley61! As long as you are a Glowforge Premium member, you will be able to download the Free With Premium designs on our catalog whenever you want them. If you have any additional questions about your subscription, please feel free to start another thread.