Premium GF art not engraving whole image

I’m trying to engrave, then cut, an image I found in Premium.

I added diamond shape from Premium and added a border.

Here’s a screen capture of my set up:

It cut most of the image, but not the top triangles as you can see here:

What am I overlooking?


I don’t know how this happened, it might be an error in the design itself, but if you look at the thumbnail, you will notice that the horizontal bar and the 2 “V” shapes above it are a slightly darker color.

I suspect that design has an exact overlay for those parts, which will cause the engrave to cancel out there. In order to fix it, you would need to export your file and correct it in something like Illustrator or Inkscape. (Ungroup and Delete those duplicates.)

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Thanks for the reply. It was artwork pulled directly from the GF Premium art so I assumed ( :joy: ) it would print like the picture.

It should, but I don’t think they’ve gone through and vetted every one of the 2 million or so designs.
(That might take a while.) :smile:

Quicker would be to pick another diamond shape…I tried to spot that one exactly to check it, but there are too many that look exactly alike to me. I’ve guessed a couple of times and those weren’t the same diamond shape…they were fine.

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Oh yeah, I just found it I think…that’s a problem in the file itself…it’s not really constructed for laser work…it’s not united correctly.

You can see the difference if you zoom on this image:

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On your screenshot, the image on the left looks like it doesn’t have the top of the diamond. Did you move the design? None of these designs are held together so if you move them and the whole image isn’t selected, little bits get left behind. When images are smaller its more common to lose bits when moving. It’s very frustrating and I’ve had this happen quite often.

Hot dog. Thanks so much for looking into it. That’s a good reminder to me to automatically bring the images into Inkscape and double check.

Drat. I was hoping/assuming those files were ready to go.

Thanks again for digging around!

They are ready to go, they just aren’t grouped together so if you move them at all without a box around them, the parts tend to go missing.

Hello @pollysblair,

Thank you for reaching out about the trouble you had with the Premium diamond design. I’m sorry to hear you had some issues getting it to print, but glad that @Jules was able to help you out.

I’ve located that particular design in the catalog and will let out team know about it.

Since the issue looks to be resolved, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!