Premium Membership and Catalog

I signed up for the Premium almost as soon as it was available to me, and was billed my $14.99 on November 6. I just went to the catalog and the new Design of the Month (as well as all of the Free with Premium designs) show an actual price, not crossed out. I read another post that said it did that in the cart, instead of at the order screen (it was on the design selection screen before). So I clicked one (I tried the new DoM and an older FwP file I hadn’t already purchased) and went through all of the steps into the cart and all the way up to entering my credit card number, and it never changed the price to $0.00. Currenty, the only reason I am paying for premium is the free designs. If those are not working, then premium isn’t working for me.
Please make sure my account is properly set up for the Premium service that I already paid for and have set up for auto renew.

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Not very user-friendly, it seems…

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It was before. As I said, it all was listed free overtly and obviously before, like at the beginning of this month. But now, it doesn’t look like it is just being roundabout and obtuse about showing it as free. It is as if they have shut off the premium feature to get things free with premium. Or that they have somehow mislabeled my account to not show as premium any more. I think it is an actual SNAFU, instead of marketing/accounting decisions.

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I think you’ve mentioned that already. Numerous times. We get it. :wink:


Just tried that link to it as well. Same problem. I get to the page to enter my credit card and it still has full price. My other premium features are still active…Like, I can add shapes and text to designs and see Past Prints. It is just the Catalog that isn’t working right for me.

I can’t order anything from the catalogue. I too have premium membership and when I click on something in the catalogue, I get an error saying account is already in use. Super frustrating. Glowforge is looking into the problem and put some of the free files I wanted into my account, but I would just like to be able to do it myself, lol.

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Seriously. Especially from someone who hasn’t even done it. Also, It’s perfectly user friendly when it’s working properly.

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It also says to Upgrade to Premium, which I already have. And if I click on that, I just get a screen that says I have already done it.

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I’m so sorry about that! I’ve made some changes on my end and you should be able to download the Free With Premium designs the next time you visit

Please let me know if it still trying to charge you and I’ll be happy to work on next steps with you.

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Yep…they look right now. Thanks.

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Looks like I am experiencing the same glitch.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Thank you

You may want to start your own P&S thread to make sure it’s seen.

Ok. Thank you.

I am new here and my Glowforge has not arrived, but I am curious about the premium membership and what it is all about. I can’t seem to find info on it. TIA and I am so excited to be part of the Glowforge Family. Heather

Welcome to the forum. All official information from Glowforge is in the Announcement section. Definitely read the November 2020 announcement. November 2020 Update (Latest)

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Thank You…there is just so much its like information overload that sometimes its easier to reach out and just ask. Heather

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Best to get the information directly from Glowforge. Others might give you an answer, but it isn’t the official answer.

Tbf, there’s a number of things “announced” in #problems-and-support too…

The question was specifically about premium membership - I think the official news is the best source for this.

I’ll have to go back and see what’s where. This is why I’ve complained(and others) numerous times about different announcements showing up in different places. I think if it’s an email it goes #announcements and everything else goes in #problems-and-support? That’s how it seems anyway.

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