Premium package disappointment

I would like to say first i have had great fun and success at making projects and customer support has been great community is very helpful it saved me a bunch time and frustration. But i am Not doing this as a business. just a guy who likes to make cool things. there is no way i can afford the cost of your premium package which is why i chose this machine. I am not looking images or picks. But normal function of the bed rotating 90% or flipping parts ,fonts would be nice but not necessary for me. I wouldn’t mind paying little but you just priced me out .
sorry for rant I still love the machine
just a little disappointed at that cost

They run specials now and then – keep an eye on the announcements here in the forum and the area on the right-hand side of your dashboard. :slight_smile:


I would suggest getting and playing with something like Inkscape that is free and will do anything that the GFUI will do, The only big difference is that you do the work and upload it rather than do it in the GFUI.

You don’t need it to create anything. Just use a program on your computer and there are tons of free graphics, fonts etc. available on line.

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Hey look! A special :slight_smile:


@featherston6 Thank you for the feedback. I"m glad you’ve been enjoying your Glowforge. And I’m glad you still love the machine!

We do offer specials and we are currently offering an annual subscription which comes with a discount -