Premium personal discount code doesn't apply to cart

Hi. I received an email on December 13th stating that going forward premium members would receive monthly, personalized discount codes good for proofgrade purchases.

I’ve entered my code from the email into the “Gift Card” text box on the checkout screen, but when I click Apply there is a message that says “discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart”
Originally I did have an item on sale in my cart, which I removed, but this did not allow the code to work, and I’ve verified that none of the remaining items in my cart are on sale.

Okay, this may be the dumbest question to ever come across support’s forum, but am I just entering the code into the wrong box? I’m not proceeding because I don’t want to get charged full price, but I’m wondering if the correct place to enter the code is on a later screen.

Followup question, I assume we’re allowed to mix sale and non-sale items in the same cart, and the personal code will apply to the items that aren’t on sale (which is what I’d expect)?


Hmmmm, I just bought stuff and was wondering how to add the discount code that I thought was automatic. Can’t we make it automatic? If you buy both sale and not does the discount still apply to the not?


Now that you mention it, the email said the code can apply to multiple orders, so maybe it is automatic.

I had the excact problem and ended up going to Michaels using their 20MADEBYYOU for a 20% discount


Hi @brucecooner - I am so sorry we have been delayed in getting back to you. That isn’t how we intend to communicate and I want to apologize for that. I’m also sorry to hear that you had trouble with the code for 20% off Proofgrade Material for Premium members. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’ve escalated this to my colleagues to see if they can get this resolved.

The coupon will only work on regular-priced Proofgrade Material orders over $100. You should have received your code for January, please try and checkout with that code as the December code will no longer work.

If you continue to have trouble with getting the coupon to apply, go ahead and place your order, then let us know by sending an email to (to protect your purchasing info) and we’ll refund the amount the would have been discounted right away!

I’m going to close this thread - once again I’m sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know about this.