Presenting Ramoth!

For she was the largest of all dragons and was said to have a pleasing mental voice.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series and naming my forge after a dragon just seemed to make sense. And so I present to you Ramoth!

Well…it will be named Ramoth, just as soon as I can figure out how to set the name (I was never asked to choose a name for my GF in the setup).

It was supposed to arrive on Saturday July 1st, but at midnight I finally called off my vigil sitting in front of the window like a kid waiting for Santa. UPS doesn’t deliver on Sunday, so I was forced to wait till Monday for my delivery. It was listed as being on a truck at 4:30 this morning, and it FINALLY arrived at 3:45 this afternoon.

The box overall looked in good condition.

But there was one side that seemed to have liquid damage.

I was thinking the worst and was preparing to find that the liquid coolant had broken out and spilled out of my Glowforge. But Fear not! Upon opening the box of wonders and seeing the precious GF inside, there was no indication of liquid spillage on the inside. Someone else’s product must have broken and spilled on my box.

I got everything out, put it all together and followed the Users Manual to get it all set up properly. FYI, once you get it all set up on your phone and all that, go to the same link on your computer to get to the GFUI, that wasn’t abundantly clear to me.

SO. Once I got it all figured out, I went to the GFUI and loaded up the ruler, put in my Maple Plywood, placed the ruler where I wanted it, and almost sent the job to the GF. BUT WAIT! Almost forgot about venting the GF outside! Quickly got a piece of Cardboard that would fit, cut a hole for the hose, put it in place, and found out that the window still had the storm window shut on the inside. I’ve never had to deal with that before, sooo another 5-10 minutes figuring it out and reinstalled my temporary venting solution. OK, all set.

My daughter has finally woken up from her nap and is showing interest. I believe it was @joe who first had his daughter press the glowing button first, so I decided that would be fun and had my daughter do the same!

First print is the obligatory Founders Ruler:

So I’m one of the slow ones. After receiving it on my doorstep, taking my time unboxing it, setting it up, and re-setting up my workarea. It took me a total of about 1 hour and 5 minutes from receiving package to first print. I’m fine with it. Now we have to go out and I’ll get to think about what my actual first projects are going to be. So many options, what order do I do them?


Congrats! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Congrats. It’s a name I’ll remember for sure. Many happy hours of laser goodnes. The whole naming this is a deal though. Hope we can get that ironed out.


Would be great if someone got a screen recording of the setup process to document where the glitch is.


Congrats! Now the fun begins :smile:


Yippie!! :smiley:
That is an Awesome name! I’m a huge fan of the Pern books as well.
So glad that your glowforge arrived in one piece.




Awesome! Ramoth the Golden…a fitting name for a fire breather. (May there be no Threadfall to rain on your parade.)


You are going to have a ton of fun! Don’t forget to check out the Glowforge Tips & Tricks category!

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Love the name!! Grew up with Anne McCaffrey’s books.

Sweet that your daughter got to do the first button push😄

Write them down and number them…then roll a dice or 2 to determine the order…and stick with it…adding more into the rotation if needed…lmao…
I have so many projects I want to do but have the “oh look squirrel syndrome” that I never stay on target…mostly because I come on here way too much and see all the cool things you all are making!!!


Actually, before jumping into too many projects just sit down and play with the Glowforge. Check out how it engraves, check out scoring and note the differences.

After running a few canned jobs (I liked the phone stands that @smcgathyfay designed) and give those a try. It took me a couple tries to get everything right (don’t engrave the curly-cues, score them!)

That and catalog stuff will get you thru the first day. Try the scanning, it works great!

Then start pushing a bunch of your own (and other people’s stuff) through the machine. You’ll have a much better idea what to expect and I think will get up to speed much faster. There is a lot to take in, even after having read the forums from top to bottom :slight_smile:


LOL. Nobody has time for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I had it but screenshots went from welcome to GF to placing the Founder’s Ruler. Maybe next time

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I agree with this. I’m playing with settings, doing some basic engraving, trying different materials…


No…throw caution to the wind… Run with scissors! Laser all the things…
Thats what I did with my first laser…lmao


That’s day 2… :slight_smile:


Oh, I almost forgot!

Congratulations! :grinning::thumbsup::fireworks:



Please let the support team know about the naming problem - we should get that set for you. :slight_smile:


julybighouse - congrats! can’t wait to learn how Ramoth imprints on you and witness the treasures the two of you will produce.


Congrats! So excited for you!