Simple phone holder with lots of design potential


The design is very simple but can be heavily modified to create some cute/cool/awesome art.

We’ve had sheep before so I figured I’d start with that…lmao

Sheep-1.pdf (12.0 KB) (36.5 KB)
This was cut on 1/8" baltic birch ply…only one slot that can be changed to what ever thickness your material is… and I didn’t even bother with kerf adjustment.

Yet another phone stand
Presenting Ramoth!

Well you know I like that…sheeeeeeep! :smile:

Cute, cute, cute!


LOL, I was not expecting the sheep!


Lol it was either that or a narwhal…lmao


You MUST do a narwhal! :slight_smile:


??!? Watch out for that horn! :slight_smile: - Rich


Oh gosh, those little ears sticking out on either side! Just adorable–thank you!


I’d so definitely make my wallpaper an isometric of that cute sheep face so that when it is in lock screen those eyes are looking at you.


Lmao. Mesmerizing aren’t they?


If you animate them, you could count them to help you go to sleep. :sleeping: - Rich


Very Cute! Is there a way that you could incorporate little “arms” to “hug” the phone? Then you could potentially make an angle that would point the phone down…say into the GF to record something that is getting cut? :wink:

One of the things I was thinking of making was similar to this, but I’d be able to put the phone on the “back” of a stand like this in order to take videos of projects being cut out in the GF. Also, I might extend the back just a little bit further so I could put the eyes just “peeking” above the phone. Lots of little ideas

Love your work!


Going to have to second this!


A leather strap that wraps around the back side of the existing stands would also serve to allow down-angle shots. Then you only have a small tab of leather sticking through to the front of the stand (which would be cute if made to look like hands), and you have a pocket/strap in the back to hold the phone aloft when needed, without having to re-configure the stand itself at all.


Another awesome project !!! I say make a small slotted tab down near the horizontal ledge (in the middle) that attaches to a wire or cord. then have the ears separate attached to the back edge on a pivot/pin so when the tab goes down (when phone placed on stand) the cord pulls down the middle and the ears would pop up. when phone is removed sheep stops listening (ears down) :sheep:

That idea could extend to referee TD signal, Crab with the eyes popping up when phone placed, elephant lift trunk…


Sounds awesome…Start designing it​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:


I will be sure to consult you when I need ideas! The referee and the crab eyes ones are great. (out of Likes) - Rich


Narwhal first! I called firsties dammit! :wink:


One of the first things I designed and cut out was a phone stand that looked a lot like your top stand.


Is the blank holder file available, I have some ideas I’ve been rolling around in my head? I could try them at my local Techshop.



I can add it when I get back in the office tomorrow.