Press Magic Button and it stops

I pressed the Magic Button, magic button shuts off, Glowforge light shuts off and then comes back on. The print is stopped. All settings are entered and has happened on different print jobs several times.

Craig Knippel

Support will likely want to know date/time that this occurs so they can look at the logs.

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You’re just pressing the button, and not holding it down, right?

The unit has a feature once a job starts, if you press the button again, it will pause the job–and hitting the button again resumes the job (and you can keep repeating this until either the job is complete, or you open the lid).

But even with that I don’t recall the lights going off–so definitely provide specific dates/times in the thread to help P&S team focus in on the logs to help trouble shoot, especially if it’s a sporadic issue, and isn’t happening on all print jobs.

So sometimes it works as expected?

When pressing Magic Button, Glowforge shuts down after one second. It happened on several attempts using two different files.

Craig K


Looks like a “brown out” on my power.

I switched outlets and its running fine.



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I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your unit. Thank you for the additional information about switching outlets.

I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this thread.