Press start and then immediately return to home position

I sent this in on emailed to support on the 17th but have heard nothing back yet and thought someone might have seen this issue and have a solution.

Everything looks normal until I press the start button flashing on GF. The head come out like it is going to start then without doing anything goes back home and the process ends. Try it again and it may work or try it a couple times to get it to work.

Two different designs . Different materials. No proof grade. Getting ready for 75 small tags which will take a bunch of runs . (Please show up magnet!) It will be a pain to have to retry a bunch.


I think it does that if you have duplicate shapes on top of each other, which cancels them out…does the print preview screen show anything?

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I’m sorry for the delay in our reply. I replied to your email just a short while ago, before I saw this post. Since we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.