Preview of Bed Jumping In Scale Before Print

I am carefully lining up my SVG files to cut cards from some images mounted to mat board. I am accounting for some predictable misalignment (I haven’t run the new calibration protocol yet–waiting for draftboard to arrive). However, after I push the “Print” button in the upper right of the dashboard, the screen recalibrates and my SVGs are completely misaligned. I didn’t notice this was happening for a while and pressing the magic button to see my images more than 3/4" off of what I expected to print. If I catch the shift, I can cancel the print before hitting the magic button and then re-move my SVG files and that is pretty reliable.

It looks like my original preview is at a different scale, but makes a correction when I press the print button. I’m attaching two images. The first shows my bed after I lay out my SVG files and before I hit any print buttons. The second shows the jump of layout after I hit the dashboard Print button (not the magic button). Anyone have suggestions? I have tried refreshing the bed and turning themachine on/off.

Have you done the calibration yet?

If you have then you should be able to lay the material down, then click “Focus” and a spot on the bed where your material is, the GF will then zoom to that spot and grab the depth using the sensor on the head. At that point you can perform your layout and the size shouldnt change when you hit print.

I’ve had amazingly better accuracy since the new calibration.
Good luck!



I forgot to mention the “focus” option is under the gear :smiley:

Your material height is incorrect. Are you using a custom setting that has a height already entered? Make sure the focus height field in the settings is empty, then use the Set Focus option @GregK mentioned, and it should work a lot better.

I’m using a custom material setting at the actual height, but I will try the Set Focus option.

I will try the Focus gear option. I’m excited about the new calibration feature–my machine has been nearly unusable for a while now for anything requiring some accuracy, but I had to order draftboard. So, once I get that I’ll run the calibration!

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That’s odd…it’s definitely a focus height issue. Hopefully Set Focus will take care of it for you!

The calibration made a huge difference for me.



I can’t wait to run the calibration! How hard was it 1-5, 1 being “A monkey could do it.” And, how long does it take?

From feel of memory, something like 20 minutes. Definitely a #1.

Just make sure your material is flat. View down the edge of the piece to see which way the camber (warp) turns, and place the bow down so the center is touching and pin the corners down.

For a comparison like mine take a screenshot before the calibration and after.


Hi all, the “Set Focus” under the gear/settings button fixed the issue, thank you!


Aaaaand, to admit my human error in the hopes that it might spare someone else, I entered “0.5” as the focus height instead of “0.05” :flushed:


Luckily, this is where autofocus saves you. The overlay will be off, but if you just entered the material height wrong and kept the default focal height in the job, it uses the autofocus.


I’m so glad this got solved! Just to finish out the story, when the autofocuser measures the height of the material before the print, it adjusts to the “right” preview (in your case 0.5 -> 0.05), which is the jump you were seeing. Using Set Focus just makes that happen sooner so it’s easier to deal with.


Glad to hear !