Price of Proof grade materials is price gouging at its finest

I cannot belive the prices you are charging for proofgrade materials, this is highway robbery. i just bought 9 sheets of hardwood ply for 60 bucks from another vendor this is an outrage and glow forge should be ashamed


i agree, But its NOT glowforge’s fault the price of material is CRAzY!
instead of using Proofgrade stuff, I went to Homedepot and has a sheet of cheap plywood ($17 a 5’ x5’ sheet and .50 a cut (10 cuts) to get it to fit in the GF bed… THATS my Proof / test stuff, then Once everything is right, I use the expensive stuff!!!



While the world as a whole is slowly starting to recover from the pandemic, global supply chains are still struggling to get back up to speed. You may have noticed that the price of plastics and lumber has increased substantially recently. In turn, our cost to purchase the high-quality materials we need to make Proofgrade materials has increased.

When we set out to offer Proofgrade materials, we did so to provide you with the highest quality products - woods without knots or voids, pure cast (not extruded) acrylic - that ensure your projects come out perfect every time.

We’re not willing to negotiate on that promise to you, nor let the quality of your own projects diminish, so we’re committed to continuing to source the best quality materials we can find.

Unfortunately, the cost of quality has gone up, in order to ensure we can cover our costs, and keep the materials you need in stock, and we need to raise the price of Proofgrade materials.

We will be running sales on Proofgrade materials in the future, so keep an eye on the shop to see the discounts when they happen.

I will make sure that the team gets your feedback.